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... to their lovv lives. "dear abby" advice column. 3 pauline phillips, better known as thee riginal dear abby advice columnist, hassdied pfter a long baatle with alzheimer's disease.she was 94-years-old. mary snow has more onnthe life of the woman millions of newspaper readers &padvvce. phillips... but she was beet as a thirty-somethinn oying an housewife in california, she told the ditor at the san franciico chronicle she was collmmiss they hhd. she credits hee flip, saucy one liners for getttng he job. pen her "dear abby" column grew, she competeedin the adviceefield with her identical twin sister esther pauline-- better known as columnnit "ann landers". their dueling careers put a strain on their 1990, it takes to be a good have to eel for people. you have to want to help peoole. that's tte best part abbut being dear abby. i love being able to help people. if someone writee in to say abby.. you changed my me that nobody else could do. she wrote about the angry letters she received from pcccpttnce of hooosexuality-- - at a timeewhen there wasnnt time
, our incredible evening with playwright and author phillip congatongas. this program is in connection with an exhibit, two exhibits, that we have up on the 6th floor. the first one is called if they came for me today, the japanese american internment project, and also we have another exhibition called relocation and resiliency, the japanese american internment in california. and both of those are up on the 6th floor and this is the last week, so if you haven't a chance to see these exhibits yet, we really encourage you to go on up and see them because they will be closing on sunday. we really want to thank community works for bringing the exhibit if they came for me today to the san francisco public library. and here to tell you a little bit more about community works is ruth morgan, so help me welcome ruth morgan. thank you. . >> thank you. i do hope that if you haven't seen the exhibit, you will go up to the skylight gallery and see it. the project actually involved over 225 young people who studied the japanese internment through the personal stories of 15 people who were interned
invented the business of giving advice. pauline phillips died today at the age of 94. but you probably know her better by the words thousands of people wrote to her over the years, addressed "dear abby." we get a look back at her story tonight from nbc's rehema ellis. >> reporter: pauline phillips was a house wife who got started almost 60 years ago writing for the "san francisco chronicle" as "dear abby." phillips redefined advice columns with snappy responses about everything from health, marriage and children. when kay asked, are birth control pills deductible, she replied, "dear kay, only if they don't work." "dear abby" became a trusted household name, read by tens of millions in hundreds of newspapers worldwide. >> i get about 300 letters a day that sound just like this one. dear abby, i'm a girl of 14 and i like a boy of 15. >> reporter: even presidents took note of her popularity. >> abby, thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. >> she wasn't a doctor, physician. she was just a woman from iowa who had great, good common sense. >> reporter: phillips was also on the radio for 12 years
-- jurors convicted richmond phillips on all charges. a year-and-a-half after both victims were found. more from the family of the young woman and the little girl. >> it took jurors two hours to reach a verdict tonight. the former d.c. police officer was found guilty on all seven charges, including two murder charges, one for his coffin, the other for his own doctor. -- one for his girlfriend, the other for his own daughter. >> all the lies, the deceit, everything they have done. today is the day it ended. >> it ended with a guilty verdict for a 39-year-old richmond phillips, guilty in the murders of his girlfriend and their doctor, jaylin. he was painted as a man desperate to keep his mistress is secure from his wife and to do so, shot her berfore and dragging her into a wooded area. he left the baby to bake in 90 degree heat. >> he says he thought someone was playing a joke on him when he opened the car door and saw the baby lying in their, dead. i am glad justice is served. >> the two weeks of testimony included surveillance footage of phillips and his girlfriend as before her death. th
counts, that is the verdict in the case against the d.c. cop named richmond phillips. phillips is accused of shooting to death the mother of his child and leaving their young daughter to die in a hot car. just a short time ago a jury found phillips guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of both wanetta wright and their 1- year-old jalen. prosecutors say phillips killed them because he didn't want to pay child support. he'll be sentenced in march and face life in prison. >>> president obama's proposal to require all gun sales to go through a background check has widespread support, even the majority of nra members liking the idea, but how would background checks be implemented on private sales? as peggy fox tells us, they're already required in several states where the seller and buyer simply meet at a licensed dealer and the dealer runs the check. >> reporter: virginia tech shooting survivor collin goddard has gone undercover at gun shows across the country to show how easy it is to buy high powered firearms without a background check. >> this is exactly the problem that we want to
phillips had no visible reaction. wanetta wright and her extended family packed the courtroom every day of the trial. they were overjoyed with the verdict. >> he's the devil. that's all i can say. he's the devil. anyone can do something like that just doesn't have a heart aall. >> doesn't deserve to be. >> he knew that was his daughter. >> i'm just so very happy. it was a long road. i was in the hospital from december the 18th up till last wednesday worried and stressed out about this situation. i'm just so glad i made it out to finally see this verdict. >> this has been so hard for us to see the graphic pictures and everything in that courtroom, but justice is served and we know god is good. >> reporter: prosecutors say they will seek life in prison without the possibility of parole for richmond phillips when he's sentenced in march. angela alsobrooks who took part in her first prosecution as state's attorney said she did it for the baby. >> every case is significant to us, but there is something unspeakable about killing a child and this case struck really a chord with all of us. >>
. >> this is a case involving richmond phillips, we just found out, it is a conviction, convicting richmond phillips of two first-degree murder charges, one handgun charge, and one child abuse charge. it goes back to may of 2011 when accusers say he killed his girlfriend and his daughter as well. we just left the courtroom. this just came out. again, richmond phillips convicted of all counts. we know that his sentencing has been set for march 22 at 9:30 a.m. a big wrap-up to the case that we've been following since 2011. >> you will be happy to know that despite the fact that we don't have snow in our immediate area the crews are ready to roll just in case. we have snow plouse lined up and on stand by. they are loaded up with salt since this morning. 295 was covered with salt as a precaution. >> it seems like kids were not the only ones hoping to see snow. we visitted a hardware store where workers told us they were eager to sell some shovels, salt, and much more. there are plenty of items in stock because our snow-free winter. our coverage continues at
minutes to convict richmond phillips of killing 20-year-old wynetta wright and 11-month-old jaylin in may of 2011. phillips, who was married, lured wright and her baby to the hillcrest heights rec center and killed her to avoid a paternity and child support hearing. phillips faces floif prison. >>> new developments in the death of a chicago lottery winner after the remains of urooj khan be exhumed. further toxology exams led to the fact that he was poisoned. cyanide was found in his system. he died after collecting a lump sum winning of $425,000. police have not released the names of any suspects. >>> investigators are still looking into hollywood an infamous death. they are not able to get ahold of robert wagner. police reopened the three decade old investigation in 2011. they've interviewed 100 people but wagner has refused to speak. they say he's cooperated for 30 years and has nothing more to say. woods death was recently changed from accidental drowning to a drowning caused by undetermined factors. >>> 4:20 right now. a sports illustrated writer said he missed red flags during an int
. >>> a former d.c. police officer found guilty of murder. a jury convicted richmond phillips on all charges. he shot and killed his girlfriend and left his daughter in the car to die. >>> d.c. public schools released a list of schools that will be closed. 13 of the school will close at the end of the year and the other two will close at the end of next year. we'll have the full list in just a few minutes. >>> president obama's second inauguration is this upcoming monday. more than 6,000 national guard personnel have been called out to help with everything from crowd control to medical assistance. they will begin arriving today. another 2,000 guard personnel are on stand-by in nearby states. >>> a new outside nonprofit group is being assembled to help promote president obama's agenda for his second term in office. organizing for action will focus on cal and local legislative issues. >>> after more than a decade of denial, lance armstrong finally admits to doping. in a candid one on one interview with oprah winfrey, he comes clean. we have a report. >> i made my decisions. they are my mistake. i
officers richmond phillips, quote, a liar, a cheat, and an abuser of women. he went on to say -- and the evidence showed he is also a murderer. now, phillips' own attorney said my client is a thoroughly unlikable guy, a liar, a cheat and a womanizer. but, he went on to say, the evidence does not show that he's a murderer. the prosecution relied heavily on surveillance camera, and it shows hose -- who's also the mother of a baby girl jalen. he said that prosecutors do not believe that phillips wanted to go to court the next day for a child custody hearing, where he would have to establish the paternity of jalen. prosecutors alleged that phillips tried to talk wright out of the going to that court hearing. when he couldn't, he shot her as he drove her car a short distance away and left baby jalen to die. evidence introduced that she died anywhere from one to three hours later in temperatures that reached 125 degrees in that car. the jurors are deliberating. when we get an update, we will bring it to you. >>> special forces have complete their operation to free hostages, but the
! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. >>> and here's what we were all talking about today, our instant index, starting with a royal mystery solved. an old photo surfaced today of princess diana, there she is, 19 years old, before her marriage to prince charles. she's seen with a mysterious young man, the words on the picture, not to be published. so we did some detective work and found adam russell. it was a ski trip with friends. both had been injured. adam reportedly smitten. she was not. and we know what happened next. >>> and why is mcdreamy himself a local hero at a coffee shop in seattle? the "grey's anatomy" star stepping in to save the coffee chain tully's, pushing back against starbucks, the goliath. 500 jobs were saved and today he introduced himself to some of his employees. he's going to keep the chain going even if it means getting behind the counter and serving coffee himself. >>> tonight we answer the question, how big were the new year'
phillips told us they apparently made a break for it during a chaotic rescue operation. >> reporter: early today, what had been a hostage-taking standoff at a massive natural gas plant in the algerian desert turned violent and bloody. algerian troops that surrounded the plant after a number of foreign workers -- some reports say more than 40 -- were taken hostage by an islamist group claiming ties to al-qaeda. security sources tell us when the prisoners were moved inside the compound, guns opened fire. one irish hostage recounted the ordeal to an arabic tv channel as it was happening. >> they are over the top of us. >> reporter: steven mcfall's family were celebrating tonight. he, along with an unknown number of other hostages, managed to escape. at least one american, mark cobb, who had hidden in a meeting room, is known to have gotten out of the gas plant as well. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> right now, six confirmed dead there. so far, none of them americans, but dozens of others, including americans, are still unaccounted for. >>> a w
officer. we are told there is a verdict in the case of phillips who was accused of killing his girlfriend and young child. we're live outside the courthouse. >> i was just inside when the judge told everyone else at least the attorneys in the courtroom that she is expecting the jury to come back with some sort of ver dignity. she ordered pizza because they were taking their time. we may hear a verdict in the case. this is an interesting case because throughout the trial, we did not hear the defendant's bring any witnesses to the stand. that is because they believe the prosecution just doesn't have a case against mr. phillips. of course, the jury will have to decide. during closing arguments the state described richmond phillips as a liar, cheater, and a user of women who spun a web of lies soseso his wife would not find out about his affair and the child he fathered. he murdered wright because he did not want to pay child support. a state attorney said he used his left hand to shoot and kill wright outside a community center. evidence sh
" type. law student. what's hank's last name? hank... oh... what's the screwdriver? philps? hank phillips. i don't know what became of him. danny didn't deserve what happened to him. and even though i'm the one who got her heart broken... danny wasn't cruel. the world was. the story is tinkerbell had a nipple ring. way ahead of his time with that. anyway, in one of his many ass kickings, a guy took a knife and tried to slice that ring right off. but there's a happy ending. tink got the nipple reconstructed for free at the va hospital. a doc there wrote it up as a combat wound she got fighting in korea. so, tinkerbell was in the army? jeffries: you know this doc's name? or tinkerbell's? but that old queen sure got beaten up a lot. someone at the va may know her real name. thanks for your time. vera should be finding true love right about now. back in '64, tinkerbell came forward voluntarily. wanted to talk about being assaulted. tinkerbell's not a joke. so far she's our most promising lead. i got another one-- from the law school alumni office. you found hank? oh, yeah. still lives in phil
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-running advice column "dear abby" has died. pauline phillips died wednesday after a long battle with alzheimer's disease. she was diagnosed in 2002. phillips' daughter has been the author of the column. pauline phillips was 94 years old. >>> police hope a new sketch will catch the man who tried to take a little girl from her mother's arms. take a look at the man here. here's the sketch. late twenties, early thirties, 5' 6, medium build. his mother told investigators he smelled like motor oil when he tried to grab her 2-year-old daughter in the front yard of their east san jose home tuesday. >>> nudists protesting on the streets of san francisco right now, as a federal judge considers the city's new ban on nude itty. anne makovec on the issue that's viewed as a matter of public health by one side and a first amendment right by the other. >> reporter: opponents hope the judge will block it from taking effect, while he has a chance to consider whether or not it's constitutional. the case is on behalf of four people, including one woman who feel
counts, that is the verdict in the case of d.c. cop richmond phillips. he was accused of shooting to death the mother of his child and leaving a young daughter to die inside a hot car. just minutes ago phillips was found guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of both wanetta wright and 1-year-old jalen. prosecutors say phillips killed them both because he didn't want to pay child support. >>> still to come tonight topper is tracking the storm that could bring some winter >>> right now your link to the latest news and weather is just a touch away at the itunes store where you can download the wusa9 app for your mobile phone or tablet. this is free. it will give you a link to all the local news and information at your fingertips. >>> you probably noticed our screen looks a bit different today. we made those changes in response to you. you told us you want a simple clean and clear look and we responded. first we reduced all this clutter. all the information now is organized at the bottom of your screen. the big line is called the information bar and it's designed to give you det
's hard to sit ten feet behind someone. >> 40-year-old richmond phillips sat stone faced through the trial that included autopsy photos of mother and child. prosecutors say the married d.c. cop lured her to a rec center then killed her to avoid a paternity and child support hearing scheduled for the next day. >> the baby, you know, i say quite simply when we originally heard about the facts of this case, i said right away this was one that i was going to step back into the courtroom for. >> tears came as jalen's great grandfather proudly displayed the i.d. card he wears as a member of the d.c. police department's senior citizen volunteers. after the murders, he decided to serve as a positive force in the agency to which phillips' actions brought shame. >> i never thought i would be associated with metropolitan police again, but after what happened to my granddaughter -- >> the state's attorney says she will recommend a sentence of life in frizz without parole for phillips. in upper marlboro, jackie benson, news 4. >> years of speculation about lance armstrong ended tonight in an interview
's party. much better catering. >> no. asional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. >>> shame on you, shame on congress. >> a new low last night. >> disgraceful. it was indefensible and immoral. >> speaker john boehner's decision to pull the plug on hurricane sandy relief was greeted by a chorus of condemnation with some of the harshest attacks coming from members of his own party. but not to worry, mr. speaker, there's always one place where you can find some shelter from the storm. take a listen. >> i think the speaker was entirely right to pull the bill. >> calm down, shut up, and listen up. >> this is not a couple hundred million dollars for some important urgent thing. >> these guys should be celebrating, that's right, celebrating. >> so give speaker boehner credit for saving $51 billion. >> these days the speaker will take credit wherever he can find it. there may be more criticism, however
-tablet free trial. >>> wv sad news to report. colleen phillips, known as dear abby, has died. in 1956 she contacted the editor of "the san francisco chronicle" suggesting she could write a better advice column than the one that was in the paper at the time. her pen name abigail van buren. the column was a huge hit. she was syndicated within two months. it would become the most widely syndicated column in the world. phillips' sister was a well known columnist ann landers. her advice was beloved for its wit, humor, and practical kalt. her daughter gene phillips started sharing the dear abby byeline and took over the column fully when the family announced that phillips had been diagnosed with alzheimer's. gene phillips said today i have lost my mother, my mentor, my best friend. my mother leaves very big high heels to fill. colleen phillips, dear abby, was 94 years old. >>> and manti te'o. a rare defensive player to become a heisman finalist known for his heartwarming triumph over tragedy after playing through the death of his girlfriend, or so we thought. now we learned it was all a hoax, b
convicted of killing his mistress and their daughter. richmond phillips is guilty of first-degree murder and other charges in the 2011 death of wynetta wright and 1-year-old jaylin wright. he killed her and then dumped her body in hillcrest heights park. the child was found dead inside a hot car. the woman's family was pleased with the verdict. >> all the lies and deceit, the killing and everything that he did, today's the day it ended. >> prosecutors say phillips killed the two to hide the affair. he faces up to life in prison without parole and is scheduled to be sentenced on march 22. >> some shocking allegations by d.c. councilman marion barry. he spoke with u.s. news about his arrest in 1994 crack cocaine possession in a sting operation. he said he believes the fbi tried to murder him by supplying his ex-girlfriend moore with boys and rather than crack cocaine. she was cooperating with the fbi's and was getting drugs from an undercover police officer. the fbi agent to oversaw this thing called the claims observed. >> hotels are looking to make you more comfortable if you are battlin
has died. pauline friedman phillips, who wrote her column as abigail van buren was 94. she died after a long fight with alzheimer's disease. phillips' twin sister ann landers died in 2002. >> have you of ver wanted a single or five from the atm? we'll tell you which banks are rolling out new machines that will give you exactly the amount you're looking for. >> plus, phone calls through facebook? there's an app for that. >> and you're looking at penn station. just kidding. this is roanoke, have va -- virginia. we'll have much more straight ahead. >>> lots of green today. the dow is up, nasdaq is up and the s&p 500 is up. >>> the days of withdrawing too much cash from the atm could soon be over. that's right. it could be dispensing one and five dollar bills. chase and p.d nc are roling out -- pnc are rolling out new machines. there may be an atm dispensing coins. the machines are free for chase and pnc customers and out of network fees do ally to noncustomers. >>> you can now make free calls on your iphone through the messaging app. it allows you to call someone else but you are using y
said, phillip, i would not stand there and take that crap. the moment he opened his mouth, i would say stop. okay. so it wasn't contentious but what it was that area of discomfort. racial politics are very tricky this day and age and if you want to really address certain things, you have to go to that area of discomfort and you have to go to the area beyond discomfort of being slightly offensive of each other. as long as you are in a context of trust and say this is an art piece we are working on, we are working for the truth of the characters, at sundance i worked with two, in terms of the african american actors, two generous actors who were willing to, with myself, kind of spar a bit to make sure that what we ended up with was a truthful character and a truthful relationship between the african americans and the asian american characters and that it was one in which both were speaking truth to truth. you know, one character wasn't just a sounding board for the other, that in fact truth talking to truth, right versus right. that's difficult to construct and it's difficult to sort of
in good hands? diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. >>> you can tell by those red curtains, it's that time of year in hollywood. award season is under way. golden globes this weekend here on nbc. and the academy award nominations were announced today and had a few plot twists of their own. nbc's kristen dahlgren has our report from los angeles. >> the 2012 nominees -- >> reporter: in the race for best actress, it is one for the ages. the oldest and youngest best actress nominees ever. 85-year-old emmanuel reve of "amore" and 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis, who was just 5 when she auditioned for "beasts of the wild." now her small indy film about
phillips shot and killed wynetta wright and left their 11-month-old dot enter a -- daughter in a hot car to die. >>> lance armstrong's confession after years. he comes clean. >> yes or no, in all seven of your tour de france victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. >> in your opinion, was it humanly possible to win the tour de france without doping seven times in a row? >> not in my opinion. >> the president of the world antidoping agency says arm strong's defense that he doped to create, quote, a level playing field is a convenient way to justify what he did, a fraud. fraud. >>> preparation as for the 57th inauguration are under way now. >> scherr -- sherry ly has all the details. >> we only get to do the inauguration every four years so this is d.c.'s big event. boy, do we do it big. there have been weeks of preparation that had gone into this. now, all of it finally coming to fruition. we have the viewing stands here along the parade route, pennsylvania avenue, up, ready to go. you have the box here for the city council and mayor where they will be viewin
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, and they developed their alzheimer's diagnostic technology. let's check in with dr. phillip frost, the bankable chairman and ceo of opko health. dr. frost, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. >> okay. the acquisition sounds really big, you're paying 20 million shares of opko, this is going to give you what within the next year that we can see coming to market? >> i don't think we'll see anything come to the market within the next year from that acquisition, but their lead product, a new form of vitamin "d" will be useful in treating a population of 4 million patients who suffer from chronic renal disease. this is a major problem. they need to be treated. with what? believe it or not, vitamin "d." and there are two prescription products on the market now, each one sells for approximately $3,000 a year. but both are inadequate. so what we're dealing with is a $12 billion market in the u.s. alone with no perfect drug to treat it. we think that the vitamin "d" formulation fills the bill. and then the second biggest market for this product vitamin "d," is in japan. almost as big. so we'r
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run out of time for him. tomorrow night, ray romano, amy brenneman and music from phillip phillips. good night. >>> tonight on "nightline," angry in america. a viral rant against gun control thrust him into the national spotlight, and that's just the beginning. >> barack obama is definitely an unconstitutional criminal. >> tonight, a day in the life of shock jock alex jones. >>> the new facebook. an exclusive look behind the scenes as facebook launches a brand-new feature that might transform the world's biggest social network. >>> knitting behind bars. we show you what happens when two retirees head to prison to teach the virtues of needles and yarn.(kxañ;ñ;x;x;x$x >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight we begin with america and its guns, as president obama prepares to announce his sweeping plan to curb gun violence tomorrow, across the country millions have already rushed out to buy a record number of new guns. and one man who thinks that's a very good thing, radio shock jock alex jones. he made nationa
. phillips to frederick, 17-14 at the half. second half. stanford was on defensive lockdown. badgers driving. picks off phillips. ball game. they win the rose bowl for the first time since 1972. 20-14 the final. a very special win for david shaw and his family. >> we knew this was going to be a battle. for us we wouldn't expect it any other way. this is the way we've played all year. we know it's going to be close. at the end of the game we're going to mind a boy to win. i'm so proud of them. >> intercepted. >> a couple years ago we lost coach harbaugh. this year we happened to lose andrew luck. i think it's a testament to our program and how we train and prepare each week and every season. >> nobody's talking about our running game. our guys knew we'd have a chance. >> top five on a new year's day. number five. florida state running back, 5 carries, 134 yards. they beat northern illinois 31- 10. >>> number four. blowing up michigan running back smith. >>> number three. dylan thompson to bruce to win the game with 11 seconds left. >>> number two, d league santa cruz warriors to beat sioux fa
you're gone ♪ ♪ gone gone ♪ >> jimmy: phillip phillips. the cd is called "the world from the side of the moon." you can see a bonus song at thanks to ray romano, thanks to amy brenneman. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, mark wahlberg, jennifer lopez and science bob. thanks for watching. stay up for "nightline." good night. >>> tonight on "nightline," she's charged with shooting, stabbing, and slashing her one-time boyfriend. tonight, the explosive recordings exposing her changing story and her web of lies. >>> hot, sweaty, and under fire. he claims he can help you live longer and improve your sex life. the millionaire guru and the accusation shaking his hot yoga empire. >>> secret brazil. we journeyed to the hidden corners of south america for close encounters with nature's noble and not so noble beasts. >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. tonight, we begin with a shocking story of love gone deadly wrong. the latest twist in the murder trial of 32-year-old wo
's disease. pauline phillips' column ran in papers across the country for decade. she started at the san francisco chronicle in 1956. the dear abby column was taken over by her daughter in 2002. pauline phillips was 94 years old. >> she was such a great writer and had those great one liners. it was amazing. >>> you're sort of like the dear abby of the news department for the weather. >> sometimes i feel like a psychologist as well as a meteorologist. hey, can you please make it this. >> well, the sunny part is find fien. around here we're enjoying january -- fine. around here we're enjoying jan sunshine. we'll be down near -- january sunshineful we'll be down near freezing -- sunshine. we'll be down near freezing again tomorrow. have you seen this over the past several days? yeah, you -- cbs5 hi-def doppler -- you have, cbs5 hi- def doppler completely and utterly dry. last month we had a foot of rainfall and this month we've had 1/2 of 1 inch of rainfall, big change because of this dome of high pressure and it's not moving. the storm track is about 700 miles to our north keeping all the
. >> thank you. phillips and then debra king. >>> thank you commissioners i'll be brief my name is steven phillips i'm a photographer and a street artist in san francisco and have been on transportation since 1970 and used to live in jefferson and mason and walked down to the agency 'em cafe before it was a pier 39 and sat in the lumbar i can't remember the regard and i recognize how much this city has changed since then and it has made it one of the most remarkable water fronts and it certainly was not back then and i believe the street artists add a tremendous amount of vitality to this city and i'm also happy to be asked and answered question and is we get a dozen of them each day and when i'm across the street i love "where is market street," where is the ferry building," i can't tell you how many times i have been asked that question and i'm alms happy to point them in the right direction. we make our own crafts and think that we represent something unique and different and something special to the tourists that visit this time and the people that live and work here and i
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